Scheduling An Appointment

Scheduling is easy! Simply click on the session you would like. You will have the option of choosing what day and time works best for you. Complete the few simple steps and submit your request and your appointment will automatically be added to my calendar. Once you have booked an appointment you will receive a confirmation email, which will be sent to the email address that you specified upon booking. IF YOU DIDN’T RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL, THE APPOINTMENT WASN’T MADE. Please try again or message me at 218-255-2943.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Calendly” scheduling program can be a bit quirky when you schedule your appointment. Please know that whatever time you choose on my schedule is set to CENTRAL TIME ZONE. You MIGHT get a message back that the time you chose is a different time zone but rest assured that the time you choose here is what I will see on my calendar. This has been a frustration that I have not been able to fix with Calendly since it is based on whatever settings each person has on their cell phone or whatever device you are using when you schedule. It generally works pretty well, but believe me when I say setting this up has been a work in progress…


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