MASSAGE….GIRLS WEEKEND AT POTATO LAKE CABIN, OCTOBER 2021…Joan- Thank You so much for coming to the cabin and augmenting the girls weekend experience for us. You are so incredibly talented, one of my girlfriends actually teared up when she talked about how much she enjoyed your massage, how you were simply the best and how it was exactly what she needed this weekend.  Everyone was raving so much about you, it resulted in everyone wanted one, so I know you did more than we initially discussed. I really hope we did not overwork you!Meaghan, Potato Lake, Park Rapids

REIKI…I was given treatments in conjunction with a hospital stay and found them relaxing and provided me with much more energy the next day. I slept peacefully and soundly shortly after the treatment was finished, not even thanking my practitioner for the treatment! I had a number of distance reiki treatments that offered a measure of relaxation and peace. Currently, I believe my calmness is another by-product of my Reiki treatments. – Judith, Sacramento, CA

MASSAGE…Joan is an extremely kind, generous, and intuitive therapist. Her room is very comfortable and more beautiful than the photos indicate. She is very skilled in mixed modalities. I got everything I needed at a price that was more than reasonable considering her talent and energy. I will return. – Linda, Texas

MASSAGE…It was amazing!! Focused on what I needed the most!! Definitely going back! – Teresa

MASSAGE…Joan was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend her! Will definitely be a client of hers from now on! – Brandon, Park Rapids

MASSAGE…My massage was so relaxing and therapeutic. Joan was very professional and knowledgeable about her field. Her room was very inviting and comfortable. The hot rocks were amazing. Great experience! I will definitely be returning!!! – Dana, Fargo, ND

MASSAGE…I have had many massages from others but Joan is the best by far! I was having troubles with my shoulders and she did wonders. She is thorough, informative and very professional. I highly recommend her! – Jami, Park Rapids

MASSAGE…I highly recommend going to The Healing Arts Center and getting a massage from Joan. She is professional and knowledgeable about the art of massage. Her studio is very relaxing and soothing. It was a great experience and I look forward to the next time I am able to see her. – Maren, Minneapolis, MN

REIKI…I had a Reiki session and the work that she did on my legs took away almost all of the pain and numbness from my peripheral neuropathy. I didn’t have to take my medication throughout the rest of the day and continued to feel so much better than normal. The relaxing atmosphere and professionalism was a bonus. Thank you and I will be returning and I will be recommending this to others!! – Joel, Park Rapids

MASSAGE/REIKI COMBO…Joan was very professional and concerned about my healing and wellness. I had a massage and a reiki session Justin succession with one another. I was apprehensive about the reiki at first, but when I was able to relax and let down my guard, I experienced it’s effects first hand. It’s for real!! Joan is very spiritually intuitive and enlightening. I honestly can’t wait to have my next session!! Thank you for helping me take the first step on my new journey towards becoming whole with my mind, body and spirit.  – Justin, Nevis, MN

MASSAGE…Joan is a top-shelf massage therapist! Very professional and she doesn’t talk during the massage, which I like, gives me a whole hour to decompress, relax, and focus strictly on how much I’m enjoying her massage. She seems very sweet and kind! I will definitely be a repeat customer!  – Nickole, Park Rapids

MASSAGE/REIKI COMBO…Amazing! Joan is so talented (and a lovely soul to boot!) I greatly enjoyed my massage/energy session with her and highly recommend her. She is talented, caring, kind and a true joy. – Jill, St. Cloud, MN

MASSAGE…Joan is easy to work with, flexible with scheduling and has such a calming aura. I am a repeat customer and highly recommend going to her. – Monica, Park Rapids

MASSAGE…Wonderful experience for a upland hunting outfitter that spends 8-15 miles a day working hard to keep up with 15 dogs for a living! A real treat. Thanks Joan – Patrick, Scottsdale, AZ

MASSAGE…Joan is a wonderful massage therapist. She’s very professional and does a great Job. The atmosphere is very relaxing and I left there refreshed and rejuvenated. – Heidi, Park Rapids

MASSAGE…Relaxing, comfortable, easy location, easy parking and excellent Massage therapist. I always feel good when I leave. – Alan, Park Rapids

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